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Help needed!! Shrimp abandoning eggs

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Hi, I'm new to shrimp keeping and having a 4G tall cube tank (23x23x37cm) using active shrimp king soil with some taiwan moss, anubias and Hydrocotyle sp."Japan" (My plant is growing great). i also put in a small piece of drift wood, small almond leaves, BW cactus stick,  BW mineral balls. Initially brought 10 blue dream with 2 already berried but guess my tank is not cycle well enough and i drop the shrimps in and sadly, they died one after one in a span of 2 weeks. But i salvage the eggs and spread them into the tank (I read this from somewhere in the net that this works without using incubator). I was happy that around 30 over shimplets was hatch. They're now grown up with a couple dead while their growing which i'm not sure why. Recently i saw some female saddled and was trill that i'm gonna have some new batch of shrimplets soon. Than come disappointment as i found 2 of them has abandon their eggs.


Can someone advise why they abandon their eggs? I saw a female shrimp still stirring the abandon eggs (Not sure they're feasting or stirring tho). Do female shrimp still take care of their eggs after they abandon the eggs?


i use water directly from my tap with some water treatment done. My water parameter is as below,

PH- 7.2-7.4

Ammonia - 0

Nirite - 0

Nirate - 0 - 5ppm

KH- 2-3

GH - 6

TDS- 180

Water temp- 27-28°C

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