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Guppie keeps eating ADFs food


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So I’ve had 2 African Dwarf Frogs in a 10 gallon for a while, and I’ve decided to add 3 guppies. 2 of the guppies are doing perfectly fine. But the third won’t stop eating the frozen blood worms I feed my frogs !!! 
I drop the frozen blood worms (Thawed ofc) in front of the ADFs. And then I usually leave the food there for a while and then clean up the excess after. But I noticed the Guppie nonstop sweeping in and taking some frozen blood worms from the ground. I’m worried this might aggravate the frogs (I’ve noticed them being aggressive to eachother when it comes to their food before) and I’m also worried the Guppie is gonna explode!! His tummy is soooo fat but he won’t stop eating T-T


should I just return him? I dunno what to do

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