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DETAquarium Hardware for Sale!!


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Hey All!!


As you may know or have heard I am leaving the hobby unfortunately. Nothing bad, just can't dedicate the time I once had to my aquariums. With that said I am now selling all my hardware, shrimp and plants are all gone.


If you want pictures specifically please just post below or PM me. Thank you all in advance!!


Description Avail. Qty Condition           Ask
UNS 40C Rimless Aquarium - 16 Gallon 6 Used         64.50
ADA  Aquarium - 60P - 17 Gallon 2 Used         70.00
Mr. Aqua Aquarium - 17.1 Gallon 4 Used         50.00
Micmol Aqua Mini LEDs 6 Used         65.00
Micmol Aqua Mini LED G3 1 New        118.99
Current USA 48-60" Satellite Plus Pro LED Light 2 Used          94.98
Current USA 48-60" Serene Sun Pro LED Light 2 New        132.97
TopFin Center Shelf Aquarium Stand 3 Used         75.00


The list above is based on price per, I will offer discounts for larger purchases. Shipping will be discussed on a per purchase basis. For aquariums and aquarium stands these will only be sold locally.


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