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Red Cherry shrimp dying... please help :(


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My shrimp were doing great for almost a month, until I started losing about one per day a week ago. This started happening about the same time they started molting. I thought molting was a good sign. I did not do a water change for the first 3 weeks since no nitrates appeared (the tank is cycled). When I started noticing death last week, I did a 25% water change. This has not helped, and today I found 3 dead. It's super f****** depressing to pull dead shrimp out of the tank every day. What can I do differently here?? Any advice is appreciated. I attached a picture of 2 dead shrimp today.

PH: 7.4-7.6

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 2-3

GH: 9

KH: 2

TDS I have not tested since I do not have a TDS test. Is it possible TDS has risen to dangerous levels over the last month? I've only done the one water change, and it was only 25%. Once again, thanks for any help.

Picture of passed shrimp: (any idea why they are dead next to each other? Could that be a clue?) https://imgur.com/gallery/eOAHkSQ

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Do you use tap water? Tds maybe too high or hard solid is high too. You need switching to RO water. Bring a bucket to Wholefood store, they sell RO/DI for $0.80 a gallon then re-mineralize to 250 with Salty Shrimp. Also get Ez-TDS from Amazon for $15, it will save you alot headache.

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