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Muscular necrosis?


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Hi all, 

I have an unheated 2.5 gallon tank with 11 blue dream shrimp. I noticed 1-2 shrimp that had slightly milky bodies and immediately thought, oh no is this muscular necrosis? I googled a bunch of photos and it seems to match, but I also read reports that some milkiness could be related to molting. I've isolated the shrimp that look milky in a specimen container/dip and pour with some clean water and frogbit. Obviously not a good long term quarantine solution so I wanted to get a gauge on how long shrimp last with necrosis. Weeks? months? 

The shrimps in question have actually been fine for ~1 month with a milky body, but I decided to isolate today just to be safe. The tank parameters have been stable and no shrimps have died or acted weird in any way, the only thing I can think of is that temperatures lately have been in the high 70's/low 80's and I do sometimes notice that a lot of shrimp are up in the frogbit roots near the surface which might indicate lack of O2. The O2 problem should be resolved as the surface film cleared up and I increased my HOB filter flow and I only notice 1-2 shrimp up in the frogbits usually. Any ways any thoughts? 





here's the same shrimp 2-3 weeks ago, again no strange behavior and it doesn't seem to have spread. 



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follow up question, seems like muscular necrosis can't be treated, at least not reliably or without having to resort to using broad spectrum antibiotics. If let's say the shrimp are fine in isolation for another month, at what point do you write it off as the shrimp is actually fine and not diseased? I've read that once the entire abdomen is milky the shrimp is just waiting to die, but is there any chance of recovery? 

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With muscular necrosis, it usually starts at the tail. I would definitely keep an eye on it and if gou can isolate it to see , that would be best as it speads. Especially, if the shrimp passes and you don't notice it or, take it out right away and the other ones start eating eat.

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