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API Stress Coat Water Conditioner

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Hello all,


Im pretty new to shrimps and they seem to be a much more delicate creature than fish.


I have used water which I have let sit for a couple of days with a little bit of API stress coat(much lower than recommended).


I use API Stress Coat for my fishes and was wondering if it was shrimp safe and what are other options for water conditioners for shrimps.


Also after using the API Stress Coat, should I add mineral salt to the aquarium?

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I've exclusively used API Stresscoat with many varieties of neocaridina & amano for about a year now. I just let it sit for 24 hrs before use. Many of my shrimp of both types are buried atm, so it definitely works. I plan to switch to another brand soon(I bought both Seachem Prime & Fritz Complete, but you can use whatever) just to see if it reduces my tds. If it doesn't change the water I'll use whatever brand my hand falls to.


Only add minerals if you need to change the water parameters... Which is usually due to using ro or di water. Check your hardness, tds and ph against the values needed for the kind of shrimp you have. If they're too low/out of the target range, that's when you need consider adding. Be careful doing that though... If you're inexperienced changing your water try to go slow, testing along the way. You don't want to end up having to change the water back again. It's a pain, but far more importantly it's stressful on your animals and could could certainly cause death with how sensitive shrimp can be.

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