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Black Firday Sales!


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Grant for the wonderful Blue dream shrimps. 

After you shipped the package I was checking the tracking info every now and then just like waiting for Christmas present 😃

The package was originally supposed to be delivered on 2nd December as per USPS tracking. Just like other years at this time of the year, received notification that my package was delayed. I thought it is fine to be delayed by a day. But it was not a single day delay. Finally, I received the package on 5th morning. I immediately started opening it up with the apprehension that I will find a disaster with most if not all the shrimps will be dead. However, as I started to take the newspaper wrapper one after another like layers of onions 😄my fear slowly begin to subside. The packaging was awesome. Even after 3 days delay, I lost none of the shrimps and all the shrimps are healthy. Thank you so much.

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