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Help! What kind of babies?


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Long story short.. I have a freshwater planted tank that I just moved everything over to a 60g upgrade today.  I didn’t move one decoration and a small patch of S.Repens because it had the most algae of the entire carpet. Ok so I checked the tank right before bed to ensure I didn’t miss anything and I see one larger clear shrimp which was a surprise because I only had 3 - one black, one yellow and one red.... so who was this? And then I start to notice babies. I counted 6 I could see and they were hard to see. I was told the 3 I had were Amanos but then was told they were not. Do you know what these are and what do I do?? Can I add to the new tank? Thanks! 



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I'm assuming they're neos?  Cherry shrimp?  If you're going to keep cherry shrimp, you should only keep 1 color in a tank.  If you keep more than 1 color, they'll interbreed and you will loose those original colors.  Looks like a clear offspring, (with no color) that's all.  You'll most likely get some brown ones as well.

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Yeah, pH 4.5 is really low.  I'd try bringing up the KH+ a bit and see if that helps.  Bringing up the GH a bit might help as well, as 4 is usually the lower limit.  Salty shrimp makes a product that has both GH and KH in it and it's inexpensive...

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