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Aqua SL substrate - PH and ammonia


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Hi, I did a newbie.    I have a salt tank for decades then I decided to switch to freshwater. I gave away all my corals, live rock fish, substrate to start anew.

The person I gave them too said he had some substrate for me. I received two bags of aqua sl. It says it was for shrimp so I thought that sounds good.

Anyway, I did not read the instructions.   I added the dragon stone, aqua sl (about 2-3 inches) in my 50 gallon tank. I added water, conditioner and then bacteria.  And wait.

I am really planning to just have my beautiful rocks and some neons and guppies for now. Cherry shrimp would be nice if not picked on.

 Should I regret the substrate? My PH is in the low 6's and I have a bit of ammonia?  What now??



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