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Strange protection behavior?!


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Hi there,  


I observe a really strange behavior with my anamo shrimp couple. I have this couple since one year now. I recently add some Ramirezi thought that the shrimp should be big enough to not get hurt by these fish. I observe the tank all day long to see how they was doing. Then on the evening I saw the male shrimp on the side still breathing but it seems that it was hurt, no swimming at all. The female on the other side stand near him to chase the fish who was too near of him. It was really amazing to see. But it did not end there. I decide to bring my couple to another tank to be safer while the male I though was dying. With peacefull fish there. The male was not in great shape, still on the side barely moving and really curled up. So I saw the female lay on him, she was on her back, with him under. Like she was dying with him. Them when some peacefull fish was curious she scared them and came back on his feet. I filmed this. 


So, today, I thought I would see the male dead. But he was back on a great shape! Like it never happen. I was happy.


I search on the web for this kind of behavior and never really read anything about it. Did you guys know about this kind of reaction?


Thank you






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