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How to deal with hydra (in a shrimp safe manner)

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Dear everyone.


i have had an aquarium when i was a kid but that was quite some time ago. about 6 months ago i was gifted a very nice juwel rio (150L) with inhabitants and all by a friend who had to move and couldnt bring her aquarium. ever since then ive been back into the hobby and im LOVING IT.  About 2 months ago i bought a small (25L) tank because i wanted something small for in my bedroom. Since about 3 weeks i keep 20 neocaridina and 2 siamese algae eaters in it. (and about 50 pond/pest snails :()


yesterday while watching the shrimp i was excited to see multiple female shrimp carrying unfertilized eggs. While watching them up close i also discovered multiple small creatures which ive since determined are hydra. they kinda look like sea-anenomes or some type of polyp. They are translucent so dont think its the algue-symbiotic variant (virridis?)


in my research i found that they are capable of killing and consuming baby shrimp, which would be a bummer because im really excited to see my shrimp breed.


my questions led me to this site so i hope this is the right place to get some advise.


my question is what would be the best way to deal with these hydra.


 so far ive found a number of treatments but im really not sure what is best for me.


here is some more (relevant?) Information about my situation.


- ikeep some dwarf-gourami in my other tank but those will probably eat my adult shrimp as well.

- I have no other tanks so i cant rehouse my shrimp and fish

- i have counted about 5 hydra so i estimate there are between 10-100 of them

- i will attach a picture of the aquarium (sorry for the algae, but im told it helps stabilize small tanks and shrimp like it.)


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