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Heater to acclimate


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Hi! I am setting up a shrimp tank (5 gallon) I have ordered shrimp which should be here in a few days. I have read all about drip acclimation, but that is not a possibility as their tank is on my desk at work and I don't have the room to set up a drip rig. In their tank is a small heater meant for betta tanks up to 5 gallons. It keeps the water a nice 76 degrees. I plan on placing the shrimp in a bowl beside the tank with the water they are shipped in, and placing the heater in the bowl to warm them slowly (I can't remember the watts, but I know it's low and very mild... it took a couple of days to reach 76 in the tank). While they are warming, I planned on pouring maybe a teaspoon of my water to theirs maybe every five minutes and doing this for a couple hours. Does this sound like an ok way to acclimate them since I can't do the drip thing?  Thanks for any and all advice. 

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