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Can anyone identify this... thing?


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-white & long (mostly short but i've located a few ones in the shade which were much longer (3 cm), making me think they either photosynthesise or just like light)

-Tough (at first i tried pulling them with tweezers but they stick to the surface quite well, most of the times i just break them when trying.)

-Shrimp-safe, at least i assume. But this algae-like thing has been in this setup for over 3 months now and both fish ( 5 chilli raspboras, 2 otocinclus) and shrimp are doing fine.


Setup: 30L aquarium, i keep it at 24C at all times. I use a 24w  led light for 12 hours everyday. I use a simple dennerle eckfilter and have tons of plants. There are plants and lots of mosses in the setup as well, havent had any values spike or drop since the tank cycled. i do 20% waterchanges every 2 week.


Im not worried but just cant find out what this is, which mildly frustrates me.




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