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Help with Zebra Babaulti Shrimps


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Hi everyone, 


I got about 15 Zebra Babaulti shrimps a few weeks ago and I've been losing a shrimp every 3-4 days since I've got them. I'm honestly not sure why since my tank is mature and the parameters seem to check out. I was wondering if anybody has any insight?  Thanks!

My current tank setup:
- 16 gallon tank w/ fluval 107 canister and rain bar
- Black fluorite sand substrate with lots plants (anubias, moss)
- Boiled malaysian driftwood and rocks
- RO water re-mineralized with saltyshrimp gh/kh
- pH 7.8
- Gh = 8, kH = 3.5
- Temp = 76-81F
- Nitrites 0, ammonia 0, nitrates <5
- a daily small pinch of Bacter AE and shrimpbaby 
- daily 5mm of shrimp king complete sticks
- The only other thing in the tank is an established colony of yellowback neocaridinas who are thriving and breeding.



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