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Post about shrimps, plants, and scaping.


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Not sure where to put this, so just dropped it in general.

I've seen some posts about putting substrate in dishes, or putting a divider in so the whole tank isn't full of substrate.

I've also seen posts where ppl have the plants in dishes inside the aquarium.

I'm thinking of getting a casserole dish for main substrate. Than little dishes for plants.

My substrate is fluvial from an 8 gallon planted tank setup. That is less than 6 months old. Should I replace it? Or do you think it's good to go for at least another 6 months?

Opinions are welcomed.

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I never had good luck with Fluval and bee shrimps, but for neo it works pretty well. You can use a dish for substrate, but make sure it doesn't create any dead spots where water circulation becomes an issue.

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