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Over the forecast period, the global forti flakes market is expected to grow at a higher single-digit CAGR.


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According to the company's recent research report, the worldwide forti flakes market is expected to grow at a higher single-digit CAGR from 2018 to 2028. Due to the strong demand for fortified foods in developed regions such as North America and Europe, the global market for forti flakes is expected to experience a developing growth trend in sales of forti flakes.


Forti flakes, like other fortified nutrients, are likely to rise in popularity over the next few years as a corn flakes substitute around the world. Forti flakes are high in vitamins (Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin K) and minerals (phosphorus, manganese, and selenium), which is projected to drive the worldwide forti flakes market throughout the forecast period. Due to the monopoly in the market, there is only one participant in the worldwide forti flakes market, and multiple suppliers with regional and global sales footprints. Because of the increasing number of end consumers who consume fortified products, the global market for forti flakes is expected to provide a lucrative opportunity for new entrants to penetrate the global forti flakes market.


The global market for forti flakes is projected to see a number of new product releases and developments. Due to the monopoly structure of the worldwide forti flakes business, only one firm, Evexia, now participates in the market. Evexia sells its products through online channels, retail, and modern trade. Over the projected period, new entrants in the forti flakes category are likely to enhance the worldwide forti flakes market's growth.



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