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Retired from aquaria, free stuff - East Bay, Bay Area


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Hi all,

After a move, unbeatable algae, and unstable shrimp populations, I called it quits 6-8mo ago and took apart my 4 small tanks.
I have a lot of aquarium and shrimp-related gear (i.e 7gal, 9gal, 3gal, pumps, aquascaping tools, lots of shrimp food, water conditioners, lights, rocks, etc...).
If you are in the area and looking for some gear to expand your operations, come on by and take my stuff!
Apologies for not itemizing it all, it would take me an onerous amount of time to do so.

Some caveats:
- the shrimp food is expired. I don't really think it matters much but just pointing it out.
- the unbeatable algae was likely spirogyra. I have beat my fair share of algae, scuds, and even ellobiopsidae in my shrimp colonies. I could not get rid of this for 2 years and then had to give up. My tanks have been drained and left outside in the sun for >6mo, but if you take equipment from me, know that you will need to very thoroughly sterilize everything. For this reason, I would prefer to give equipment to experienced shrimpers. Noobies also welcome but please realize that you take on some risk.

I have two EHEIM Classic 250 filters that I'm selling for $50 each.

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