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Shrimp beginner help

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After having total carnage adding shrimp a couple of times to my fish aquarium, I decided to start a shrimp only tank. It's just a small one to begin with, about 30L (i think about 8 gallons). I've started with 20 red and yellow cherry's 1-2cm a couple of weeks ago and from what i can see no deaths yet and have seen a molt or two every day.

I have a couple of plants and some driftwood to give height but on the ground i've added cholla, indian almond leaves and some ceramic hiding places which cover almost half of the sand and rarely see more than 2-3 shrimp out in the open at any time.

As there are no predators at all in the tank, can i remove a lot of this so that more shrimp will be visible, without compromising their health and breeding possibilities?

I know this is probably a basic question but any suggestions would be appreciated.



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