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Quick sale blue velvet package low light plant packages and more


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I am moving so I am closing down tanks. So I am off loading some plants out of tanks I closed and shrimp too.

Open to trades for buces I don't have unique crypts shrimp stuff. Orange rilli royal blues tigers

First off 38 blue velvet shrimp shipped 90$. That is just about 2$ a shrimp they are almost all adults.sold

Next low light plants or packages

Xmas moss 8$ a golf ball

Crypt wendtii green 4$

Crypt wendtii bronze 4$

Mystery crypt 4$

Crypt Affinias green 8$. Rarely seen sold here

Crypt pink flamingo. $40

Anubias I don't know what type 4" rhizome 10+ leaves 8$

Or in packages for new shrimp tanks or low light tanks.

About 5 packages

1 of each crypt besides the pink flamingo and 2 golf balls of xmas moss 30$

Or 1 crypt of each besides pink flamingo and 1 golf ball xmas moss 24$

Your choice priority shipping 6.25$ or first class 4$



More to come

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