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Tds and gh high

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My gh was at 3 but tds was 450 I added ss gh/kh plus to raise gh to 6 and now tds is 800 I use ro water for my water changes but no mater how low the gh gets the tds is always high I have a spongefilter with bioballs in it I have ohoko stone non active substrate so nothings leaching minerals and idk what to do shrimp seem to be breeding fine but die off every now n then at random 

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Do you use any ferts?  I would take a TDS reading of your water prior to remineralizing.  I would start the process of elimination.  I never really look at the TDS of the tank just when changing water.  I may be different but I've never paid attention to the TDS of the tank as long as my GH and KH are on point.  I personally never strive for my tank to be perfect.  Ive never really been good at following the rules laid out by the internet police.  I was told I could not use Co2 on a Taiwan Bee tank and not only have I done exactly that but my tank is thriving.  My bees and all happy healthy and reproducing.   

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