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I was a tropical fish breeder for 50 years, until I sold my house and moved into a condo where I don't have room for 50 tanks but a month ago I set up a 10 for a few shrimp. I've planted it with Dwarf Baby Tears, Anubias, Crypt wendtii and a few kinds of moss and it's starting to grow in but I'm getting algae on the surfaces. I don't want to reduce the light since I want the vascular plants to grow in so I've ordered a few Nerite snails (Tiger) even though I'm not sure that I want them competing with the shrimp for algae and biofilm. Well, I won't be getting any shrimp for a few months and that brings me to my real question. I haven't decided between Cherry Red and Blue dream. Maybe a few of each? Will they hybridize? Just kicking it around. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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