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Caridina shrimp dying

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Hi there, I have a tank with crystal reds and blacks and a few blue bolts in it. I know they are generally kept in separate tanks but I know they can coexist in the same tank, but my problem is that I have had about 7 shrimp including the crystals and blue bolts die in the past week. I just tested everything in my water and my parameters are as follows:


PH: 6.4

KH: 0-2 (kind of hard to tell because the color is so faint in the test tube)

GH: 5

Nitrate: <5 ppm (not completely 0 but very close)

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Ammonia: 0 ppm

TDS: 118 ppm


That said it looks like everything is about perfect depending on what you consider to be the best parameters. Any idea why my shrimp would be dying? (substrate is fluval shrimp stratum, and filters are sponge, 40 gallon tank) 

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