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I set up a 10 about a month ago and plan to wait until the plants grow in before adding any shrimp. Alfae has become a minor problem and since I wan t the vascular plants to grow in, I don't want to cut back on the light. I've added a few Nerite snails and they're getting the job done but I'm wondering if I want to leave them in there after I get the shrimp. Do I want them competing for food?  I'd appreciate a little advice from someone with experience.

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Snails will help with uneaten food. I have them in all my tanks. 

Some algae is beneficial depends on what kind you are growing. If it is hair algae or beard algae it will spread and consume your plants. I average 4 hours of light a day and my plants do ok. 

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If I'm starting a new tank for shrimp, I either use sponge filters or a matten filter (basically the same thing). All new tanks that I begin without cycled filters I will add three comets (feeder gold fish) and two adult snails. If I'm planning that tank to be Neo's it gets Mystery Snails. If it's going to be a Caridina tank I use MTS (Malaysian Trumpet Snails, and if it's a Sulawesi shrimp tank I use Rabbit Snails. Run your tank at least a month - two if you can stand it before getting the shrimp.


In a neo tank, I use sand, aquarium pebbles, or Seachem substrate for planted tanks. In my Caridina tanks I use a buffering substrate (Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Rio Escuro-F from Amazon). In the Sulawesi tanks I use planted tank substrates like I use in the neo tanks.


Please take what I say as my recommendations for success but it is NOT the only way. Lots of people that I know use tap water and no substrate and the shrimp do fine.


As a breeder, I need at least a 95% success rate, so I use the above techniques with RODI water and Salty Shrimp remineralizer specific to the type of shrimp you choose to raise/breed.


Good luck!

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