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Thick-shelled Crystal Reds: Raise gh, Feed Cuttlebone, or Mainly Genetics?


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I think shrimps look great when they have really thick shells, and I was wondering how someone gets that.  I have PRLs that I keep in 110 ppm gh (6.15 dgh), and they do not have the thickest shells.  I was wondering if I could accomplish my shrimps having thicker shells by raising the gh or feeding cuttlebone or foods with more minerals.  Would doing either or both of these work or is it mainly in the hands of genetics?  Does ph play a role at all in he thickness of their shells?  My water is remineralized RO water using Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+.  Before remineralizing the water, the supposedly distilled water has about 20 ppm TDS.  The ph is a little less than 6.

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