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Hi to all, I am not a shrimp farmer, but just a scientific consultant in the field of water. I know well biofiltration, nitrogen cycle etc. I have recently developped an innovation ( a technology using vortexes and strong magnets that changes the structure of water and eventually make this water more conductive Rh² stimulating all biological activity). But it is not the point today: I recently got contacted by an Indian homeopath who knows my technology, and he asked me if my machine could help for water quality in shrimp farms ? I told him I had no idea unless I test it, but, accidently, I have been lucky to meet with an african teacher from University who has discovered the essential oil from an endemic plant: the plant has antiviral properties, selective antibiotic properties (will not damage beneficial bacteria but kills pathogens), antifungic and antiparasites: the fact is that he tested the oil in very polluted shrimp nurseries and obtained the total eradication of the viruses. ( I was personnaly cured from my Hepathitis C with the decoction of the leaves).

So, this indian man, I lost the connection because my LINKEDIN account got closed. But he told me that if I really had access to this oil and could import it to Indian, it would interest lots of people. It is a project I am interested in: but first I would like to have the feedback from farmers: do you confirm that if this oil really eradicates naturally all viruses (includng WSSyndrom) without perturbating any biological filtration, does it represents an opportunity for farmers. If it does, I would give a professional follow up if any body interested to help me introduce this solution on the indian market. I have the thesis on the research and we know all the minimum dose eficacy etc. It would be just a question to organize logistics, probably run several on site experiments to demonstrate, then market the product. It is a serious inquiry, I will appreciate anybody 's feedback.

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