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please help sex my shrimp!


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i just got shrimp today but the guy i got them from had them all mixed genders and i want to make sure which ones i need to keep an eye on just in case they start to breed (do not want)

i'm pretty sure the red and yellow one are female but i can't tell with the blue one because it's such a dark blue! i think it's male but i'm not sure

thank you for your time!

sorry the images are so blurry my camera isn't that good

if i need to take another picture i can try! but my blue shrimp is really hard to focus on because of its color


BD26430E-1870-4BE5-BDD6-1F4E48291670.jpeg.d578a6ae0468de02e1c122a793ace672.jpeg also this is my snail :) they are asleep right now (snail bedtime) and i wanted to share them but you don't have to say anything about them



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