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Cherry Shrimp Missing


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I'm a proud owner of a 55 gallon community freshwater tank and a 10 gallon quarantine tank. In my 55 gal I have 4 albino corydoras, 4 julii corydoras, 4 panda corydoras, and 10 ember tetras. I bought 10 grade AA cherry shrimp in February, and now I can only find 3. I have relocated them to the quarantine tank and hope to find more, but I have moved my plants around in search of them to no avail.


The temperature is kept at 78 degrees F by two heaters to accommodate the fish, and I'm hoping the heat isn't what killed the shrimp. There are 2 air stones and a 75 gal filter HOB. I have checked around for shrimp in case of jumpers and found none in the HOB itself.


The shrimp themselves look healthy and normal as far as I can tell. I've attached a video of my tank taken today, and some old photos of the shrimp.

Please help,









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