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Caradena winter breeding off time


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Hi this is the first time asking advice on a shrimp forum .any help would be greatly received.  Iv got a 4 foot 120 litre tank with mixed caradena shrimp prl 'galaxy fish bone' blue bolt 'pintos' shadow pandas  etc the tank has bean running for about 7 months  its quite heavly planted with  moss anubis and a few stem plants .The substrate is esta shrimp5.5 . I started off with 30 shrimp and thay have bread  quite well iv now got approx 80 /90 shrimp  .i have to run a heater as my shrimp room is not heated  and as the temp out side started to drop about beginning of November my shrimp have completely stopped breading. Despite my tank temp being a stable 22c  all my water parameters are spot on .iv only had 2 shrimp die in the seven months iv had them  . Iv understand caradena shrimp can stop breeding in the winter time .but does this mean the females stop molting in the winter.  All my females that bread several times back in the summer are all looking happy eating active etc jest not getting berryed  the males are not darting around looking for them any more  so i take it the females are not molting during the winter  iv tryied upping the temp a few degrees to make them think its spring time and my water change schedule has olways bean on point  but all to no avail . I dont mind waiting a few months till the spring to see if thay start to bread again  im jest worried there is sumething wrong im not seeing. Any one on here had a similar problem .sorry for the long post 😬

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