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Shrimp dying


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MY adult shrimp have been dying after giving birth.


I only have many baby shrimp.


Water Parameters:


GH  120 ppm  (well water)

KH  120 ppm   (well water)

Ph 7.5

NO 2  0.5

NO 3  2.0


Temperature 73 degrees F.

Standard black and white gravel

Snails-   adults the size of a fingertip

Miniature white spiral snails


Red Sakura

Tangerine Tiger

Gold Yellow

Blue Dream


To my knowledge most babies survive:

Some red

Some red with a prominent red stripe on back similar to Gold Yellow

Some red and clear stripped

Some clear

I had two blue babies that have disappeared.


Planted tank:


Guppie grass

Cryptocoroyne wenditi

Dwarf Onion

Aponogeton Ulvaceus



Sponge filter


Warm white and daylight lighting


No Tropical Fish


Light feeding every other day.  ( I keep the snail population down to the point that they do not compete with shrimp for food.)





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