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BBA, GBA n Green Fuzz Algae in Shrimp tank ... HELP!


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Been having this hard algae issue for the past month+. Started from the elocharis mini n now seems monte carlo is getting loaded with BBA. Most of the algae looks like BBA n GBA or possible Green Fuzz Algae (Oedogonium).

Did Excel spot treatment that causing it turning blue, red and greying on the mini hairgrass n hardscapes. But if spot treat on MC, it will cause the patch of MC to melt.

S.repens also starting to have yellowing leaves n melt/wilt ... yellow leaves having similar algae n BBA. 
I don't dose any liquid ferts. Juz occasional Seachem Potassium n Iron.

Lately did 50% water change after returning from my 1week+ trip and realize it was a bad idea as a few shrimps died. Shud be the sudden shift of parameters. 

Help and advice needed ... comments?

Tank size: 40x30x30 36L/9g
Tank residents: Chili Rasbora, Otto, Nerite, Amano and Cherries 
Ph: 6.8
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 20ppm
Phosphate: 1ppm
TDS: 200
Temp: 26C
CO2: Indicator is already at very light green. 
Light: 7 hours (Chihiros C2 RGB at 55%)

Water change regime: 30% weekly


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