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Hey, I’m New and Need Some Help


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Hey everyone. Im new to the hobby of shrimp keeping, and have a few questions! I am currently in the process of cycling a tank for cherry, or blue velvet (haven’t decided yet) skrimps and some Thai nano crabs. My tank is 25-30 gallons


1- can I cycle fish-in and with live plants at the same time?


2- I read online that it is normal for Java Ferns to brown a bit when introduced to a new tank. It still worries me though! The leaves are getting some brown pin stripes, nothing too bad. My question is, is this cause for concern?


3- how can I test to see if rock hardscape is compatible in the tank? I’ve seen the vinegar test, but don’t know how accurate it is for a shrimp tank.


4- how can I test to see if wood hardscape is compatible in the tank? I don’t want to go putting in any old wood of course, as it’s more than likely harmful. Is there any way to test driftwood without knowing the species?


Thank you all in advance

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You could cycle with a very few small and hardy fish (and cheap), lots of plants (specially fast growingplant), very light feeding, and frequent water changes, like 50% twice a week. Do this for the first month and it should be fine.


Rocks that wont alter your kh, gh and ph are lava rock and dragon stone. I have seyriu rock, which looks great, but does raise those parameters.


Most woods sold for aquariums will be good. 

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