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Several Blue dream shrimp w/ one white grey eye

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I have a huge colony of red and orange neocardinia I have been breeding for 2 years. In another 20 gallon tank, I recently acquired 5 Blue Dream Neocardinia 6 months ago. Shortly after I lost 2 to apparent molt issues. I was left with 2 berried females and 1 young male. The young male shortly developed what appeared to be a bad eye, as it turned a grey color.


Now a few batches of babies later, I'm seeing more young with 1 "bad grey eye." Is this an eye color variant, or is this a dna issue causing 1/2 blind shrimp? I'm wondering if I should cull all of them with a grey eye. They all seem healthy. I tried to get a photo but could not.


Just Add Water

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