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What to call these shrimp? Are they all just pintos? Galaxy pintos?

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IMG_1953.jpeg.74f380c2e61e7ece5a2511a8de55b97f.jpegI have been breeding shrimp as a personal hobby for the past 7 or 8 years but I am starting to get patterns that I’m not sure how to classify! This first shrimp has a lot of little spots and I’m not sure what to call it… I was going for Galaxy pintos but now their marking have begun to become very different and specific.  Are these all just galaxy pintos? Do their patterns have more specific names? Does all the spots make it a stardust? I am kinda confused on the details. And also… do I need to separate them out by pattern?!IMG_2092.jpeg.c7ec96cfbd9c49ac7ae334a73ac8c16b.jpegIMG_3346.jpeg.8302d992e0555526e83ea346efde67a9.jpegIMG_3356.jpeg.c05afa22a348c515be01b2dbeaa9f3a0.jpegIMG_2083.jpeg.a29d699d43d8e6cc91ab0eda969093a1.jpegIMG_2090.jpeg.6d66380ecf8d9ad8538e3760be2de8b2.jpeg




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