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Do I need Snails and Shrimp or can I keep only Fish in my tank?


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Hello! I recently have been looking into getting a small vase or tank about 1 gal to make a no tech ecosystem (no filter, heater ect.) id be using some substrate, sand and plants. Now i might be reaching for the stars here, but I travel a good bit and won't always be home to feed daily, and don't want my critters to be living off feeder blocks while im gone. Im wondering about some fish I can keep happy in a tank that size, anything i could use as another food option aside from feed blocks. Also Ive never kept shrimp or snails and I don't know much about either, are they necessary for a small ecosystem tank like this or am I able to keep only fish? can I keep all three? and if I need snails what type for a small tank where i dont want over population? Thanks!

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