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Check Out This Shrimp Tank

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I saw this on Facebook and thought it was interesting and would be a great Shrimp Tank.


Big, but low, not that deep. It would be easy to get to everything and you could really be creative

with a tank like this for them. I would make the light so that it could slide back and forth, so you

could work on the tank and just move the light out of the way. I would also build a lid for it that

could slide and also just come off when you wanted to work on the whole tank. I would build a

back wall, so that none of the filters, air, media, etc could not be seen.


But I thought is was pretty cool and thought I would share the photo. I don't know who built the

tank or where they got it. But I'll bet it was expensive, because it looks like high quality glass,

and was probably custom built.



Shrimp Tank


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Yep, I think you are right, u can just see part of the ADA logo on the bottom right hand corner.

So probably custom and expensive.

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I found that tank, it is a ADA tank that is 18" X 9.5" X 6.5"  tank. It looks bigger than that, or looks wider than 9.5".

I thought it might be something like a 24" X 14" X 8" type of tank, the way it looks. They sell it for 99 bucks and 30 dollars shipping.

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