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King Kong shrimp in a 2.5 gal? - plus substrate question

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Hey y'all! I've made 3 planted aquariums for community fish and shrimp, but I've never had a just shrimp tank. About 3 weeks ago I set up a planted 2.5 gal aquarium. I used some rocks, aquarium sand, and some fluval shrimp substrate. However, there is more sand than substrate (not sure if that will be a problem...). The plants are doing well, and I'm wondering what is the best way to start getting the tank ready for shrimp? I've been reading that some people say to start by adding 2 fish and letting them help cycle it, but then other people say to just add 3 shrimp to start and see how it goes. (but if the tank is pretty new, there won't be much film for the shrimps to eat, so will I have to supplement with other foods?)


Many thanks in advance :)

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