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swissian's 11.4 gallon tank


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I currently have one main tank which has PFR and CRS along with numerous snails. I am still making changes to the tank now that I have my new filter.


11.4 gallon gla tank

1 39 watt giesmann midday bulb and 1 10 watt 6500k LED floodlight about a foot and a half above the tank

SunSun 302 canister filter  (new) and small HOB

black flourite sand

Flora: scarlet temple, ludwigia red hybrid, christmas moss, mini pellia, NL moss, fissidens, mini fissidens, downoi, DHG, s. repens, HC, c. nurii, c. wendtii, c. cordata thialand and flame moss

Fauna: PFR, CRS, pond snails and ramshorns


Tank is kind of a mess due to still making changes.


2 months ago:




Current FTS:





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