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Hello to everyone. I am new to this forum. My names is Greg, I am 75 years old, retired and I live near the city of Exeter in Devon in the South West of England. Although I keep a marine reef tank I decided, just a month ago, to start aquascaping small tanks and small vessels. I have to date planted one 30 litre tank and two 5 litre fish bowls. Originally my idea was have all vessels as plants only but having read about shrimp keeping I decided to add shrimp to my 30 litre tank but leave the fish bowls as plants only. I am about to plant up a 13 litre fish bowl and have decided to add shrimp to the bowl.


Having never kept cold water shrimp before I though I would join this forum to gain expert advice as I know very little on the subject at the moment.


I look forward to talking to the members of the forum.



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