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FS: Red Cherry Shrimp, Benibachi OEBT Food package, Mega Shrimp Food package


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I'm down to just red cherry shrimp left :) who wants some?

Red Cherry shrimp package - $25 shipped

- 13 shrimp +2 for DOAs

- juveniles to sub adult sizes

All shipping is USPS Priority in a styrofoam insulated box with a cold pack

No DOA guarantee on priority mail but I'm willing to work with you if something does happen.

Mind your weather please! Cold packs are not guaranteed to last through 100 degree heat :) You can always add another cold pack to your order for $1.50 more. These cold packs are reusable too! Throw it in the freezer for the next time you ship shrimp.


Mega Shrimp Food Sampler - $21 shipped

- 19 different shrimp food samples from all types: staple foods, baby food, supplement food, leave-in food, etc...

1. Mosura Brood Care

2. Mosura Excel Flakes

3. SL Aqua Snowflake Food

4. GlasGarten Shrimp Dinner

5. GlasGarten Shrimp Baby

6. Lowkeys Ultra Supple

7. SL Aqua MORE Veggie

8. SL Aqua MORE Meat

9. MK Breed Cheeseburger

10. Dennerle Nettle Stix

11. Shrimp King Mineral

12. Shrimp King Protein

13. Shirakura Dama Soft

14. Barley

15. Peter Ladens Baby Pro

16. MK Breed Black Diamond

17. MK Breed White Crystal

18. MK Breed Red Diamond

19. Mosura Shrimpton

OEBT/BTOE/Royal Blue Shrimp Breeders and Keepers food package - $28 shipped

Benibachi has a special line of products specifically for Golden/orange eye. This stuff colored up Royal blues and helped my juveniles reach maturity.

1/2 left of Benibachi Golden Food (30g package) MSRP $19.99

1/2 left of Benibachi Mineral Food (30g package) MSRP $19.99

1/2 left of Benibachi Golden Amino Serum (100 mL bottle) MSRP $21.99






Shrimp Food Package


Benibachi Golden Foods

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I have most of the 21 foods in the smaller but missing mk. Breed and lowkeys products so wondering if its possible to get samples (or more!) on those foods !?

Also interested in any other food or bacterial , bio, or mineral supplements! Thanks again

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