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Tangerine tiger care


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In having a few of these delivered tomorrow to put in my planted tank with blue velvets.. Read that they are some of the hardier kinds of tigers. Also read that they can be aggressive.. Is this true?

I cannot house any other cardina species so im hoping they can adapt to my params ..gh 10,kh 5,ph 7.4, temp 72-74

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I think those ranges are a bit confusing. There's a big difference between surviving and thriving. It would be better if they had separate accommodations.

Whatever you decide to do make sure you acclimate the new shrimp to their new home very slowly. This will allow not only temp and pH adjustment, but TDS and GH too. If you can use the drip acclimation method for at least a couple of hours and keep testing those mentioned parameters every 15 mins or so til they are matched. 

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My colony of TT is doing well and I haven't tested the parameters after they were added about 6 months ago. Only thing I know is TDS is about 300 (not intended, started as 150 6 months ago). They are pretty easy to care for, very aggressive in eating and mating.

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