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Shrimp Sale + Riccia


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I've been breeding, picking, and choosing for a while now and it's time to finally offer some for sale.    I ship Priority Mail on Saturdays for arrival on Monday or possibly Tuesday depending on your distance from me.  Shipping for small boxes(6x6x7) will be $8 (30 shrimp maximum)which includes styro lined box and Kordon breather bags along with some moss or filter material for your shrimp babies to hold on to, no DOA with Priority.  In the case of a Medium Flat Rate box needed for your purchase, shipping will be $12. Here is what I have available now.


All shrimp purchases are BUY 10 GET 1 FREE

Carbon Rili - $5.00

Blue Velvet - $2.00

Orange Sunkist - $3.00

Neon Yellow - $3.50

Bloody Mary - $6.50


CRS (S grade) - $3.50

CRS (SS+ grade) - $4.00

Snow White(low grade) - $4.00


Riccia (floating clump)

3" - $5

4" - $8

7" - $12


All shrimp are 1/4"-1/2".  Please PM me with any questions you may have. 


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