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diy display stands


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Howdy all. A few weeks ago I finished building a pair of stands that will hold my pair of soon to be shrimp tanks. Wanted to share and see what you all think. This was also my first attempt at any sort of woodworking

Built with 2x2 redwood posts with front to back cross supports and MDF shelves. Top and bottom shelf is 3/4" oak plywood. All screwed together with wood glue. 32" tall, 24" wide, 14" deep.

I've had tanks on them for 2 weeks now and they're both rock solid. They were originally going to be on each side of my 36g community, but after furnishing that room, that changed. Going around the TV now. Half of me wants to cut the posts at the top shelf so they're not as tall around the TV but other half(wife) says no.

Anyway, here they are half built, built, and placed




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