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Battery Powered Gravel Cleaner

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I got one of these from eBay UK and found that it didn't work well at all.

I finally got one of these for syphoning the water back in and use a manual syphon for actual gravel cleaning;


It wasn't that supplier but it was that syphon.

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What do you mean by it didn't work well? What didn't work?

Quality of the product greatly impacts it's performance. I don't have it but it seems pretty cool. Doing wholesale business for so long, China has 3 types of quality for almost every item. Low, Medium, High. Even $1 extra can make a difference in quality. Most of the market is flooded with low quality products for more profit. Yes, this may be basic knowledge but most people say certain generic products suck or doesn't work but most cases are, you purchased a low quality product.

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