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DIY sterilite sump

Vicente Mcdonnell

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If any of you are thinking of going cheap and doing a sterilite sump for your shrimp racks. There are a lot of not so ideal options. It took me a lot of trial and error to find the right container.

Dont get ones with a lot of folds at the sides. They will baloon out when filled with water. Usualy these are the heavy duty models. Like the sterilite ones below:


Also dont get one that has tiny stands that stick out underneath it. The weight of the water will just cause them to break and cause a leak. It happened to the one pictured below. Rubbermaid 40 gallon:


I found this one to be the most ideal for sumps. It has a flat bottom and no folds on the sides. Its also transparent which is nice so you can see the water line. Its the sterilite ultra 29 gal. Target has them.


It helps to keep the lid on to prevent evaporation and support the frame. Dont overfill it either. Mine is currently cycling with ada soil inside. I have a lifegard quiet one 991 as a pump and marinepure 1.5 inch for filter media. Theres also an airstone under the media do provide oxygen to it.

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Interesting idea. How much was that container? Unless it would be significantly cheaper, I would just try to catch a cheap 29 gallon glass tank on craigslist or from Petco during their dollar per gallon sale. Personally that would make me feel a bit more safe.  

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