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So Excited - Starting up a new 10 gallon!


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Hi All - Well I still have my eheim 9 gal tank - but I decided to add a new 10 gallon - set up right from the start (I hope) instead of making so many mistakes and trying to fix them. I know I won't be able to get more rilli shrimp for a while til the tank cycles but here is what I am starting with:


Regular 10 gal Aqueon tank

RO water with blue diamond remineralizer from Han (thank you Han)

Black sand for substrate

10 gallon black Mattenfilter kit 45 ppi from Stephan Tanner at Swiss Tropicals with Eugene Danner Aqua Supreme Air Pump

50 watt colbalt aquatics neo therm heater

Maybe an H2Show Hydor bubble maker

Driftwood (just got 3 pieces in from Drs Foster & Smith) - need to boil and prepare for tank

Lots of different mosses - java, flame, to start with

For lighting I'm going to use a glass top and use Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED with lots of lighting controls (onsale at either Amazon or Drs. Foster & Smith)


Any other suggestions from the forum?  Any and all advise gladly accepted.

I was wondering what the best way to clean the sand would be and how long do I boil the driftwood to prepare it


So glad to have found you all.  I have learned so much about these wonderful critters and the care they need from you.



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For cleaning sand, what I did was pour it in the tank and fill it up with water. Run a HOB filter and stir the sand every hour. I would do this for about a day or two.

For driftwood, people boil it. I prefer to just get a container and boil water then pouring the water into container and leave driftwood there. Change water once the water is really dark. This removed all to most of the tannin from my driftwood in just a few days. 

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