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Remineralizing with Blue Diamond in RO

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Can you test the water immediately after adding Blue Diamond?  I am running air stones in bottle and poured a gallon in and out to try to mix up water. Or does it need to sit overnight to get a true reading? Put 41/2 ml in 5 gallon container of RO.

TDS tested 115 - GH 5

Aiming for 150-180 TDS and GH 6

I am wondering if I need to wait longer.


Thanks, Shrimpie

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Yes you can test it right away. No you don't need to aerate. Yes you can use it right away. A TDS of 180 should put you at GH 6 - 7 .


Great info High5's, I just got a bottle of MK Blue Diamond I will be starting to try out.

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