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where do you shop..?


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More specificly i am searching for german sites where i can get all the differen equipment for shrimp aqariums.

It would also be great if everybody joined in with the sites you shop on from all over the world so everybody would have an easyer time finding some great places to buy equipment.

Excuse my english spelling i am a bad speller and also Danish..

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Garnelen-tom.de is where I bought my red tigers from. Very serious and professional seller/breeder. (im located in Sweden)

Rendo-shrimp.de is also good. Osmose-billiger.de i bought my ro unit very cheap.

Stay away from garnelio.de.

Not good and treats their animals very bad. Dont get tricked by the ratings as they dont accept low ratings and those ratings are not showed and counted.

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For live shrimp i think its grennerally the same here in denmark to buy from other breedes that we find on the different forums.

Im mainly loocking for sites to buy

Soil, filters, lights, pumps, mirals, oxydators. All That kind og fun stuff..

Thanks for the site note trigori..

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