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SS GH/KH+ in a South American Cichlid tank???


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So I have a rimless 50g cube tank that I would like to use as a dwarf cichlid tank.  I have not narrowed down the exact fish I am getting yet but when I do I will match their requirements as needed. 


I plan on using a buffering substrate like most of us use in our shrimp tanks to help keep my RO water at a steady PH.  My question is, will the Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ work for cichlids?   My question may sound dumb to some but I am just unaware of anyone using this in a "fish" setup.  And dosing 50 gallons will use 189 grams of this stuff.  Is there something else I can use to keep my GH and KH levels right.  Also what would I be looking at as far as the TDS levels.  I've only used SS GH+ sooo  just looking for anyone experienced to chime in.  thanks!



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that size tank you might be better off using dry ferts as a source of minerals instead...they arent as "clean" as salty shrimp but fish arent near as finicky as shrimp. 

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I'm using salty gh/kh in my 29g community tank with gh at 6, same mix I use for neos.


Oops just realized you ment SA cichlids. African cichlids need high ph but SA are low like 6-7. My community tank is mid 7 ph with gh/kh. You should be able to use salty gh.

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