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Mischling Sale. Buy 1 get 1! White bee, carbon rili, blue bolts, pandas


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Sold out-First off will be the mischling sale. I have a tank containing 50 or so of mixed generation mischling shrimp that must go. $5 each buy one get one free! These shrimp are mostly sub-adult to adult.post-471-0-75456500-1418261749_thumb.jpg


I also have several of the white mischling shrimp. These are f1 for sure, the result of a cross between a crystal red and a blue bolt. $5 each sub-adult.post-471-0-69125000-1418262134_thumb.jpg


Guaranteed f1 generation mischling from my Taiwan bee tank. 1/4" to 1/2" in size. $5 eachpost-471-0-48083000-1418262287_thumb.jpg


Sold out-Regular grade blue face blue bolt. sub-adult $15 eachpost-471-0-74164100-1418262605_thumb.jpg


Taiwan bee panda shrimp.Sub-adult $15post-471-0-20085900-1418262738_thumb.jpg


Carbon rili. $3 each 1/4"-1/2"post-471-0-43453500-1418263033_thumb.jpg


Blue velvets. $3 each mixed juvi to sub-adultpost-471-0-17681600-1418263161_thumb.jpg


Shipping will be $15 usps priority with a heat pack and a insulated box. 100% LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. Shipped on Monday or Tuesday mornings only.

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I would just like to add a disclaimer on the mischling shrimp. When i say mixed generation it is possible i have had mischling cross with mischling. I keep four female mischling in my taiwan bee tank then transfer the offspring to another tank before they mature. The buy one get one shrimp come from this tank. If i advertise them as f1 i can guarantee they have at least one taiwan bee parent. These are shrimp that have yet to be transfered and is why they are smaller. Hope this makes sense. Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks 

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