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Help with CBS die after moulting

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I just did a 10 % water change with filtered water dosed with prime of TDS 70


PH 6.2

TDS 240

KH 2


nitrite 0

nitrate 20


I would like to ask, is my GH low? it is 6, will it affect mouling? 

I have shirakura liquid mineral, should i use it?


However, can anyone advise the proper dosage and instruction with shrimp in thank of 14L



Thank you


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I would figuring out why your TDS is so high, are u doing water change with RO water? also I don't think you need to be adding prime with water change all the time if the parameters of your water is stable, and have a properly cycled tank. 


Based on you KH, TDS, and GH, I think the problem lies with the water being too hard, and the shrimp being exhausted after molting. 


I would lower the GH down to 4, the lower the GH, easier it is for the babies to survive. I would aim for TDS of around 80~110 However, don't do it over night, slow water change with pure RO water over time will lower both the TDS, and GH. ( Over the course of a few weeks ). TDS, GH, and KH are all linked in a way, so by lowing one, you will lower the other was well. 


Also, 14L sounds like a really small tank, while it is not impossible to keep shrimps in there, it will be more difficult in the sense that mistakes are amplified in a smaller body of water ( since there is less water to buffer the changes ) I've killed my share of shrimps myself until I finally got the hang of things, and have CBS and CRS breed successfully in a small 4 gallon tank.


Good luck, and happy shrimping !

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